Friday, July 30, 2010

Is the M&A market heating up for petfood?

A couple months ago, it was Procter & Gamble announcing it's acquiring Natura Pet Products. (See what your fellow members had to say about that.)
Around that same time, an investment group in Canada
announced it's buying Petra Pet Inc., parent company of pet treat manufacturer Beefeaters.
comes word that a global equity firm, the Riverside Co., is buying one of the only two petfood companies in Turkey. Tropikal petfood was founded in 1999 as a distributor for international brands such as Sport Mix, Pro Pac and Beaphar. It began making its own dry petfood in 2005, becoming the first domestic petfood producer in Turkey, it says, with brands Goody, Champion, JFD and JFC. The latter two are new lines.
With its new brands and an annual capacity of 7,500 tons--and being based in a rapidly developing market for petfood--one can see why a company like Tropikal would be attractive to investors. Or really, why any petfood or pet care company would be attractive, given how well the pet industry has ridden out the economic storm.
Does this mean the mergers and aqcuisition (M&A) market is heating up for petfood? What other mergers or acquisitions do you expect to see this year?

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