Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bones unsafe for dogs, FDA says, many alternatives available

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised pet owners that bones are unsafe dog treats, but many alternatives are available, says an article from Tampa Bay Online.
FDA listed 10 reasons supporting their recommendation to stop giving bones to dogs, among which are: bones causing broken teeth, mouth and tongue injuries; bones getting looped around the dog's lower jaw; bones getting stuck in the dog's esophagus, windpipe, stomach or intestines; and bones from people food causing peritonitis, a bacterial infection that causes splinters to poke holes in stomach and intestinal linings.
There are many healthy alternatives to bones, such as the Kong Toy, crunchy treats like Rachel Ray's Nutrish Just 6 line and chews made from pork, called Pork Chomps, or those made from the private parts of male cattle, called Bully Sticks.

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