Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nielsen to host new product webinar on July 31

    Nielsen will host a webinar at 12 p.m. ET on July 31 for industry professionals, entitled, "Breakthrough Innovation: Creating - and Sustaining - a Leader."
    In this free webinar, Nielsen experts will discuss new product innovation, sharing the results of its Breakthrough Innovation Report, a study of more than 11,000 new product introductions over a three-year period. Experts will also discuss the report's research on the characteristics of successful Breakthrough Innovation Leaders, evaluating their success factors and measuring sales performance over a two-year period. Areas of inquiry include:

    • What four key principles do Breakthrough Innovation leaders employ?
    • How do Breakthrough Innovation leaders turn demand insights into successful new products?
    • How can the 'Factors for Success' model be used for increasing the probability of in-market success?
    • How do 'marathon' and 'sprinter' products differ in market activation?

    Speakers include: Chris Casey, senior vice president, Consumer Strategy and Global Innovation Practice Leader, Nielsen, and Vicki Gardner, senior vice president, Product Innovation, North America, Nielsen. 

Iams petfood prepares for Home 4 the Holidays facebook campaign in October

    Iams pet food brand is getting ready to begin its Home 4 the Holidays campaign to fight pet homelessness and feed orphaned animals, which will run from October 1 through January 2, 2013.
    As part of this year's Home 4 the Holidays campaign, people will be able to visit the Iams Facebook page to participate in the Digital Dish Drive to help donate meals to dogs and cats by liking or commenting on posts during the campaign. The campaign's Friends 4 Life program will allow consumers to sign up and designate which shelters they think should receive pet food from Iams. Additionally, the Bags 4 Bowls program will donate a meal to an orphaned per for each bag of Iams pet food sold.

Monday, July 30, 2012

RECALL: Catswell VitaKitty cat treats recalled for potential health risk

    Arthur Dogswell LLC is recalling 1,051 cartons packed as either 10 or 50 packages per case of Catswell brand VitaKitty Chicken Breast with Flaxseed and Vitamins because it has the potential to contain propylene glycol.
    The recall resulted from a routine surveillance sample collected by the company and the Food and Drug Administration, and the company has since ceased distribution of the affected cat treats.
    The VitaKitty treats were distributed nationwide via retail stores and mail order from April 13 through June 14. The product is packaged in a resealable, 2-ounce orange plastic bag with a clear window. The VitaKitty Chicken Breast with Flaxseed and Vitamins lot codes affected are as follows: SEW12CH032701/03c and SEW12CH032702/03c with a best before date of September 10, 2013, and September 11, 2013, respectively (UPC code 8 84244 00057 2).
    High levels of propylene glycol in the cat treats could result in serious injury to cats, including reduced red blood cell survival time (anemia) and making the cells more susceptible to oxidative damage. However, no illnesses have been reported to date.
    Consumers who have purchased the recalled VitaKitty Chicken Breast with Flaxseed and Vitamins should return it to the place of purchase or contact the online retailer for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Arthur Dogswell at +1.888.559.8833 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday.

SPF West begins shipping palatability enhancers for petfood

    SPF, a developer of palatability enhancers for pet food, officially began commercial operations in its new Guymon, Oklahoma, USA, facility. After several rounds of qualification trials, the company began shipping from Guymon in April.
    SPF West, the company's third plant in the USA, will allow it to better serve customers in the west and southwest regions.
    “We are excited that our SPF West facility is operating as demand for our products continues to grow,” said Dave Berry, general manager of SPF North America Inc. “Guymon, Oklahoma, was selected for its central location, access to suppliers and the positive support from state and local officials. The plant incorporates best-in-class quality standards to ensure safe and high performing products for our customers.”

Friday, July 27, 2012

FDA improves Reportable Food Registry to enhance food safety

    The US Food and Drug Administration has added a Rational Questionnaire incorporating additional data elements to its Reportable Food Registry, in an effort to improve the registry's information gathering capabilities and enhance food safety.
    The Reportable Food Registry is an electronic portal for industry, including pet food industry members such as petfood and treat manufacturers, to report when there is reasonable probability that an article of food will cause serious adverse health consequences, allowing FDA to track patterns in animal feed and petfood and target inspections.
    Additional data elements now part of the Reportable Food Registry in the Rational Questionnaire include:
    • The reason the food has been determined to be reportable (agent)
    • A description of the root cause of the reportable food
    • A brief justification of the process used to determine which product(s), lot(s) or batch(es) were affected
    • Whether or not the submitter believes all of the reportable food has been removed from commerce
    • A brief description of the corrective actions taken to avoid repeating the reportable event
    • The commodity type of the reportable food
    • The date(s) the product was manufactured
    • Whether or not the reportable food underwent treatment to reduce microorganisms
    • A brief description of the microbial reduction treatment
    • Whether or not a bacterial isolate is available for FDA collection
    • For reportable foods intended for animal consumption, the animal species that the reportable food was intended to be consumed by
    • For reportable foods intended for animal consumption, the lifestage of the animal that the reportable food was intended to be consumed by
    • Whether the responsible party has notified all of its immediate previous sources (suppliers) of the reportable food
    • Whether the responsible party has notified all of its immediate subsequent recipients (customers) for the reportable food

    Providing this information to the registry is currently optional, but will become mandatory later in the year.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicken jerky treat lab analysis released in new FDA report

    The US Food and Drug Administration issued the findings of a new report about complaints of pets suffering Fanconi syndrome-like symptoms or dying after consuming chicken jerky treats imported from China.
    FDA collected and tested nearly 300 jerky treat samples in the US from April 2007 through June 2012, testing for bacterial contamination, mold, chemicals and heavy metals. Although the treats were found to have some adverse effects, FDA's report with laboratory findings did not indicate that further regulatory action was needed. However, FDA figures show the number of complaints of animal illnesses or deaths blamed on the treats is now at more than 1,800, according to FDA spokeswoman, Tamara Ward.
    “This does not represent all testing that has and is being conducted by FDA,” Ward said. “Additional testing is currently being conducted through other avenues.”

Pedigree, 'Annie' initiative to raise money for shelter dogs

    Pedigree dog food brand has launched the "See the Show, Help a Dog" initiative in partnership with the Broadway production of "Annie The Musical" to help shelter dogs find loving homes.
    From now through December 31, 2013, Pedigree brand will make a donation to Pedigree Foundation for each "Annie" ticket sold, up to US$1,000,000. All proceeds from limited-edition "Annie" Pedigree merchandise, available online beginning in October, will also go to benefit the Pedigree Foundation.
    In the musical "Annie," Sandy, orphan Annie's loyal dog, will be played by Sunny, a dog rescued from a shelter in Houston, Texas, USA. The understudy for Sandy, a dog named Casey, was also rescued from a Pedigree brand-sponsored shelter near Nashville, Tennessee, USA. With the show set to debut in the fall, the dog playing Sandy will be provided nutrition by Pedigree while she trains for the performance and throughout the duration of the musical.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sensient Colors receives food safety, management certification

    Sensient Colors LLC, provider of colorings for pet food applications, recently achieved Safe Quality Food 2000 Level 3 certification, making the company able to offer its custom color solutions manufactured under highest levels of safety and quality management standards.
    Sensient has received third-party certification for risk management plans, manufacturing and distribution, as well as application of comprehensive assessment, screening and analytical testing programs for raw materials and finished products.
    “Our global sourcing and manufacturing...ensures continuous, uninterrupted supply, thereby mitigating risk. Our global supply chain is also managed regionally for optimal monitoring and relationship development. Sensient has 18-24-month proactive sourcing plans and has contingency plans for all materials. This plan includes a predictive supply position that allows us to manage the continued conversion from synthetic to natural colors in the marketplace,” Michael Reed, director of supply chain, said.

Consumer groups urge government action on food safety legislation

    Ten consumer groups are urging the Obama administration to act on parts of the Food Safety Modernization Act, which gives the US Food and Drug Administration more control over food and pet food imports and the authority to set new petfood safety standards to prevent contamination.
    FDA regulations needed to fully carry out the Food Safety Modernization Act have been under review since December 2011 by the Office of Management and Budget, and consumer groups say there has been no explanation for the delay. Before being officially implemented, FDA must allow time for public comment, adding further to the delay, the groups say.
    "It’s frankly a surprise to us,” said Erik D. Olson, director of food programs at the Pew Charitable Trusts, a group involved in promoting the legislation. “The administration was proud of this accomplishment, and having these things just sit there is quite a juxtaposition.”
    However, according to Moira Mack, a spokeswoman for the Office of Management and Budget, it is not unusual for a review process to take months because suggestions are gathered from many institutions across the federal government. “We are committed to getting it right,” Mack said. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dr. Tim's pet food brand to launch new pet food packaging

    Dr. Tim's Pet Food Company, a maker of premium, all-natural pet food products, is redesigning its packaging and has also made its lines available through two new distribution channels.
    Dr. Tim's new petfood packaging will be launched in August.

    The company's new pet food bag designs are set to come out in August. Dr. Tim's pet food is also now available through Zeigler's Distribution of Pennsylvania, USA, and online at www.Petflow.com.

Purina Pro Plan pet food brand hosts 'great dog' video contest

    Purina Pro Plan petfood brand is asking pet owners across the country to put their dog's greatness on display in the "How is Your Dog Great?" video contest. The contest will select one grand-prize winner to be featured in an upcoming Pro Plan commercial that will be unveiled at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, a trip to the dog show, and a free year's supply of Pro Plan brand dog food.
    Now through August 27, pet owners can go to Purina Pro Plan's YouTube channel and upload a short video (two minutes or less) that demonstrates moments along their dog's journey toward greatness that inspire others to discover the greatness in their own dog.
    An independent panel of judges will select 10 finalists, evaluating each entry based on the originality, creativity and composition of the video. Then, the top 10 finalists' videos will be up on the Purina Pro Plan YouTube channel for the public to vote on their favorite, starting on or around September 10 through October 8. The grand-prize winner will then be chosen by a combination of judges' scores and public votes. Contest rules and entry forms are available online.
    "Premiering the winning video on the dog world's ultimate stage, the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, gives us the opportunity to recognize incredible dogs from all walks of life," said Robert Tochterman, senior brand manager of Purina Pro Plan. "We hope to inspire all dog owners to discover and celebrate the greatness that lies within their dogs." 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Blue Buffalo Co. donates money to buy town police dog

    Blue Buffalo Co., a pet food manufacturer based in Wilton, Connecticut, USA, donated US$50,000 to the town that will allow its police department to get its first police dog, says a local report.
    The gift from Blue Buffalo will be used to purchase, train and continue a K-9 program. The gift will allow the program to run for three years, and Blue Buffalo will also provide the dog's pet food.
    Bill Bishop, founder and CEO of Blue Buffalo, said the company decided to make the gift after he spoke recently with Wilton police chief, Michael Lombardo, and a recent talk with his friend, former police commissioner, Mark Ketley. Bishop said it makes sense for Wilton to have a K-9 program just as other surrounding communities have police dogs to assist with searching for illegal drugs, missing persons or crowd control. “They really should have something,” Bishop said. “When Wilton (needed) one, they had to wait for other towns.”

Aller Petfood to become sole owner of Russian petfood division

    Aller Petfood, a private-label petfood manufacturer, will purchase the IØ-Fund, the Danish Industrialization Fund for Central and Eastern Europe, which helped with establishing Aller Petfood Russia, making it the sole owner.
    Until now, the fund has been responsible for 30 percent of investments in Aller Petfood Russia, but the acquisition of the IØ-Fund’s shares will make Aller Petfood the sole shareholder of Aller Petfood Russia.
    The IØ-Fund has given advice and finance in connection with the establishment and running of Aller Petfood Russia. “We have benefited greatly from the collaboration with the IØ-Fund, who has provided both knowledge and venture capital,” said Henriette Bylling, CEO of Aller Petfood.

Friday, July 20, 2012

CDC confirms 49 human Salmonella illnesses from recalled pet food

    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that at least 49 people have been sickened since October 2011 from a Salmonella infantis outbreak linked to recalled pet food made at Diamond Pet Foods' manufacturing facility in Gaston, South Carolina, USA.
    In its final outbreak update, CDC increased the number of human Salmonella cases from 22, in its previous update on June 13, to at least 49 cases linked to the recalled dog food and cat food. Of those human illness cases, 47 are from the US and two are from Canada. The number ill by US state is as follows: Alabama (2), Arkansas (2), California (3), Connecticut (2), Georgia (2), Illinois (4), Indiana (1), Kentucky (1), Michigan (2), Minnesota (1), Missouri (3), New Jersey (2), New York (5), North Carolina (5), Ohio (3), Oklahoma (1), Pennsylvania (3), South Carolina (2), Texas (1) and Virginia (2). Among the 24 cases with information available, 10 people have been hospitalized and no deaths have been reported.
    CDC anticipates that more cases will occur in the future because the expected shelf life of the pet food is one year.

Canidae unveils new natural petfood manufacturing facility

    Canidae Natural Pet Food Company unveiled its new pet food manufacturing facility named Ethos Pet Nutrition, located in Brownwood, Texas, USA.
    In March 2011, the company purchased an existing extrusion plant and has spent the last year "...completely re-building the facility to be the most modern natural pet food plant of its kind," according to director of operations, Frank Hon.
    The petfood plant features the latest advancements in modern production and laboratory equipment, and will run final production tests in August. The plant also features an onsite quality and safety laboratory and an advanced automated extrusion system.

Blue Dog Bakery redesigns dog treat packaging

      Blue Dog Bakery's redesigned packaging is simpler and features Ruffy, the spokesdog, in 3-D.
    Blue Dog Bakery has redesigned the packaging used for its entire line of all-natural dog treats to give the packages a more modern look that better reflects the dog treats inside.
    The new simplified packaging, produced by Hornall Anderson, better highlights the benefits of Blue Dog Bakery's treats on the package, marked as "all-natural," "low fat" and "made in the USA," with an updated typeface that makes the packaging print easier to read. Clear windows on the treat packaging now allow consumers to see what the treats look like inside of the bag.
    In addition, the packaging has an "Our Community" section on box side panel that highlights the company's support for various animal rescue organizations. It also brings Ruffy, the brand’s blue dog, to life in 3-D.
    “Ruffy has been, and always will be, a central piece of our branding, but it was time for our little blue dog to grow up,” said Polanski. “For a brand our size, packaging is critical to our success and our new design ensures that we’re perfectly positioned for growth and expansion.”
    New Blue Dog Bakery packaging will begin appearing on retailers’ shelves in late summer 2012.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SPF opens pet food palatability product manufacturing plant in Canada

    SPF, a provider of pet food palatability enhancers, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Saint-Blaise, Quebec, Canada, to extend its production capabilities in North America.
    In 2011 the company acquired and upgraded a food processing plant in a location with good proximity to raw material suppliers and pet food manufacturers with easy access to the U.S. The SPF Canada facility is the company's fourth plant in North America.
    “As we expand our services into the Canadian market, we feel it is important to invest in local production in the Canadian market,” said Paul Violette, general manager for SPF Canada. “Being closer to our customers and suppliers allows us to deliver better products and services. With sales, production and QA dedicated to this market, we want to partner with petfood manufacturers to improve their brands."

Nutro Company granted first AFIA pet food manufacturing certificates

    Eurofins Scientific Inc., an independent third-party auditor, has issued the first three Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program certificates to pet food manufacturer Nutro Co. This voluntary facility certification program, created by the American Feed Industry Association and third-party food safety experts, is designed specifically for companies manufacturing pet food or pet food ingredients.
    These two certification programs build on AFIA’s domestic Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program, which was launched in 2004 for the feed industry. The new programs are designed to monitor the process controls specifically related to pet food manufacturing and to meet requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Nutro Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Victorville, California, USA; and Lebanon, Tennessee, USA, facilities were the first to be granted Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program certificates.
    AFIA is seeking US Food and Drug Administration recognition of these programs and encourages FDA to use these programs in its risk assessment of the industry for inspection priorities. “AFIA sees these programs as a model for the entire pet food industry,” said Joel G. Newman, AFIA’s president and CEO. “The third-party audit follows principles laid out in both the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices as well as the basic principles of HACCP.” 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AFIA submits comments to FDA on Food Safety Modernization Act

    The American Feed Industry Association submitted comments to the docket to the US Food and Drug Administration regarding the agency’s information collection activities as related to upcoming Food Safety Modernization Act implementation.
    The comments explained that many American Feed Industry Association members consider their quality assurance programs and food safety plans as proprietary and confidential. The association reiterated to FDA that for firms to provide this type of information to FDA means firms needs a clear protection from disclosure to the public.
    According to the association's vice president of feed control and nutrition, Richard Sellers: “AFIA supports a strong approach to FSMA training, compliance and enforcement, one that is clear to the regulated industry and allows innovation and different approaches to achieve the same goals in the new law.
    “AFIA believes much of the information FDA is requesting is necessary for the agency to collect…[but] there are some areas of concern both in terms of the burden on facilities to gather the information and the ability of FDA to protect this information as confidential.”
    Sellers said the submission of hazards associated for each products and the preventive controls offers little to no value to determine the level of risk for a specific facility. “AFIA believes that preventive control programs are facility specific and should be reviewed at individual facilities. With over 1,000 ingredients used in feed, the hazards can be numerous,” Sellers said. 

Holistic Select adds new grain-free dog, cat food formulas

    Natural pet food manufacturer Holistic Select added new grain-free canine and feline formulas to its diet offerings.
    The new canine pet food formulas include Grain-Free Adult & Puppy Health Salmon and Anchovy & Sardine Meal Recipe; new feline formulas include Grain-Free Indoor Health/Weight Control Turkey, Chicken and Herring Meals Recipe.
    Holistic Select's new grain-free formulas support digestive health and are also suitable for pets with allergies or grain and gluten sensitivities. The petfood formulas contain healthy fruits and vegetables, and contain no meat or poultry by-products, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, fillers, wheat or wheat gluten. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Instinct launches new raw frozen diet products for dogs, cats

    Instinct, a brand of raw frozen diets for pets, has launched two new pet food products: Instinct Raw Boost kibble and Instinct Frozen Raw Bites.
    Instinct Raw Boost is a pet food that integrates Instinct's freeze-dried raw formulas with grain-free kibble, available in chicken, duck and venison for dogs, as well as chicken and duck for cats. Instinct Raw Bites are in the "scoop and serve" form of feeding to make it more convenient for pet owners to quickly thaw and serve to pets. Instinct Raw Bites are available in four formulas for dogs or cats: chicken, beef, duck and lamb.
    “Pet parents want vibrant health for their cats and dogs, and providing a grain-free food that’s high in protein is the foundation for optimal health,” said Eric Emmenegger, senior brand manager. “And, while many people understand the benefits of feeding raw to their pets, the frozen form may not work with their lifestyle. Freeze-drying simply removes moisture while maintaining the food’s natural integrity. By integrating freeze-dried raw pieces with our kibble, pet parents are able to easily serve a boost of healthy raw food in every bowl.”
    To celebrate the launch of the new formulas, Instinct is giving away free petfood samples to those who "like" its Facebook page. Instinct will allow users to request a free 3-ounce sample of Instinct Raw Boost, for a total of 50,000 samples given away on a first-come, first-served basis.  

AFIA applauds adoption of feed additive max residue limits

    American Feed Industry Association president and CEO, Joel G. Newman, attended recent Codex Alimentarius Commission meetings in Rome, Italy, praising the adoption of scientifically-based maximum residue limits for the feed additive ractopamine as a testament to the commission's focus on food safety and science.
    “AFIA applauds those nations that voted to uphold the core science-based principles of Codex," said Newman. "It was my pleasure to participate on the US Codex delegation. This vote, only the third in the 49-year history of Codex, was much bigger than ractopamine. It was about Codex committing to their well-established, science-based food safety principles and not letting individual countries use their legislative and/or social factors to impede the process.”

Premium petfood manufacturer establishes new lab in Malta

    Petnutrition, a premium pet food manufacturer, is establishing a new research and development laboratory in Malta that will also upgrade the pet food company's quality control processes.
    The laboratory will be operated by a new company, Petnutrition R&D, and will be responsible for the analysis of the entire product range of wet and dry pet foods, supplements and oils.
    According to managing director, Matthew Wismayer: “In the last weeks we started to export to Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Canary Islands. We have seen our revenues double in some markets and to maintain this momentum it is crucial that we have the highest quality control of all the products before they enter the market.
    “A team of Maltese analysts will design and assess each product, and manage production lines issued by the factories. Samples from every batch will be tested in Malta before dispatch to customers. Previously, testing was carried out in laboratories overseas,” Wismayer said.
    The company is also planning to launch new petfood packaging in September that prominently declares the nutritional content. Over the next five years, Petnutrition plans to consolidate its presence across Europe and to continue to build on its export network in other regions.

Monday, July 16, 2012

RECALL: Nature's Variety recalls kibble dog food variety for 'off-odor' smell

    Nature’s Variety pet food brand is recalling its Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for dogs due to an "off-odor" smell that may develop over time. The company says the product is not contaminated in any way, but some dog food products are not remaining fresh for the shelf life of the product.
    Recalled products include:
    • UPC# 7 69949 60420 4 – Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs 5-lb.
    • UPC# 7 69949 60425 9 – Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs 15-lb.
    • UPC# 7 69949 60430 3 – Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs 30-lb.
    • UPC# 7 69949 60432 7 – Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs 3-oz. sample

    "At Nature’s Variety, we make every effort to ensure that all of our products meet the highest quality standards. We’ve found that some bags of Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs have an off-odor smell. To be sure that our consumers only receive the freshest and highest quality product possible, we have decided to voluntarily recall all Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs from the marketplace," said Reed Howlett, Nature’s Variety CEO.
    No other Nature's Variety products are affected. Consumers who have purchased one of the recalled products can obtain a full refund or exchange it for a different variety by either returning the product in its original packaging or bringing a proof of purchase to the retailer. Consumers with questions can contact the company at +1.888.519.7387.

Party Animal offers three new canned dog food flavors

    PartyAnimalPetFood.com added three new canned pet food flavors to its offerings for dogs.
    Party Animal's new dog food flavors of Heavenly Venison, Luscious Lamb and Ducked Up add to the company's canned organic dog food, dry dog food and canned organic cat food offerings. The products are complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages. Products are formulated with ingredients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help support a pet's natural defenses against the effects of aging, illness, physical and environmental stress.

Freshpet launches new dog, cat food advertising campaign

      Freshpet's new ads feature a variety of dogs, like this mutt, with signs that play off their breed.
    Freshpet is launching the next phase of its "Protest" campaign, which highlights the benefits of the brand's fresh, refrigerated dog and cat food and compares it with other dog food brands on store shelves.
    Freshpet's campaign, created by The Terri & Sandy Solution, is a follow-up to last year’s “Protest” spot, which was named the number one most effective spot in the petfood category, according to Ace Metrix.
    The advertising campaign includes three television spots and posters to be featured at upcoming sponsorship events. A variety of dogs are featured wearing placards with sayings that play off the breed, including a mutt with a sign, “By-Products Can Kiss My Mutt”; a pug wearing a sign that says, “Pug Off, Preservatives”; and a Shih Tzu wearing, “Propolene Glycol Is Shih Tzu.”
    "Last year's spot was the most effective in the petfood industry. And we wanted to up the ante. The lines and the music this year are more irreverent in a playful, wag-your-tail kind of way,” says Sandy Greenberg, co-founder of The Terri & Sandy Solution. Terri Meyer, co-founder, The Terri & Sandy Solution, added: “If dogs knew what ingredients were in their food, they would speak out. We’re just giving them a voice.”

Rice industry may benefit from pet humanization trend

    The pet humanization trend provides a huge growth market for the US rice industry as pet owners, even during recessionary times, are increasingly purchasing premium and ultra-premium petfoods for their animals, said Jim Heim, president of business development for Central Garden and Pet Inc., at the 113th USA Rice Millers' Association convention.
    With US$1.8 billion in annual US consumer spending in the pet segment, including US$60 billion in sales of pet food and treats, Heim said that rice is an ideal pet food ingredient because it is nutritious and the least allergenic of all grains.
    "The US rice industry has the potential for a 10 percent increase in revenue derived from this $1.8 billion dollar industry," Heim said. "The natural food pet category alone has grown more than 16 percent in the past 6 years."
    Urging pet food companies to include more rice in their products, Heim said, "Rice makes up less than 1 percent of the ingredients in petfoods, but should constitute 10 to 15 percent."

Friday, July 13, 2012

Online pet food retailer offers new holistic dog food

    Pets Plus USA, an online retailer of natural, holistic dog food, recently launched a new selection of Natural Holistic Dog Food in new flavors with added nutrition.
    The new, Pets Plus Natural Holistic Dog Food uses premium petfood ingredients with no fillers or byproducts.
    “PetsPlusUSA.com carries the largest selection of holistic, organic & natural petfood. At Pets Plus USA, they believe in providing the best quality food and supplies to pets. They're not only feeding their loved ones better, but ensuring a long happy, healthy life,” said a spokesperson for the company. 

Court rules against pet food packaging company in insurance case

    A pet food packaging company that damaged cans of dog food leading to a recall cannot seek compensation for damages under its commercial general liability policy, a US appeals court ruled.
    The pet food packaging company, Express Packaging of OH Inc., cannot seek reimbursement from its CGL policy with American States Insurance Co. after damaging cans of dog food belonging to petfood producer Mars Inc. during a packaging process, according to a ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
    According to court documents, after Mars Petcare hired Express Packaging in 2008, a machine designed by Express Packaging to remove cellophane from cases of dog food malfunctioned sometime between July-September 2008. The machine's defect punctured the dog food cans, causing it to spoil and forcing Mars to recall 821,424 cases of the product.
    Express Packaging compensated Mars US$241,524 for losses and then filed the claim under its CGL insuance policy with American States Insurance for property damage. American States Insurance denied coverage under an exclusion to the policy that states that the insurer will not indemnify a loss related to work incorrectly performed, which was upheld by the Ohio appeals court's ruling, according to a report.
    “The policy language appears unambiguous as applied to the facts of the plaintiff's claim, and a straightforward reading of that language demonstrates that the damage to the cans is excluded from coverage by the exclusion,” stated Circuit Judge Eric L. Clay's ruling.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dry pet food production report available from IBISWorld

    The dry pet food production industry declined at an annualized rate of just 1.9 percent to US$9.8 billion over the five years to 2012, according to a new report from IBISWorld.
    The "Dry Pet Food Production in the US: Market Research Report" says that while consumers refrain from purchasing pets during times of economic hardship, pet owners typically do not sacrifice purchases of pet food during these times. As a result, the dry pet food production industry exhibits a delayed cyclical trend, with revenue declining a couple of years after consumers stop purchasing pets, according to IBISWorld industry analyst Justin Waterman. Revenue fell heavily in 2010 and 2011, due to fewer animals to feed. But, with an all-time high 173 million dogs and cats in the US in 2012, revenue growth is forecast to fall 2.2 percent in 2012, then rise from 2013 through 2017.
    The industry has experienced an increasing level of concentration over the past five years, resulting from expansion through acquisitions, which are expected to continue. The major companies include Nestle SA, Mars Inc. and Colgate-Palmolive Company. However, there will remain room for niche players like organic dry pet food producers, the report says. The full report can be purchased online

Pet food manufacturer executive discusses importance of USDA

    In a recent webinar series, Paul Hughes, an executive with pet food manufacturer Nestle Purina PetCare, discussed the importance of the US Department of Agriculture in the petfood industry, amid concerns over budget cuts for the department.
    Hughes provided an analogy relating the importance of an umpire in the game of baseball to the importance of USDA in providing information to the commodity market, on such things as petfood ingredients. “The USDA is the global unbiased umpire of the grains and oilseeds markets,” Hughes said.
    Hughes' example referenced Don Denkinger, a major league baseball umpire who admittedly made a bad call in the 1985 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals. Hughes said that in commodity markets, USDA is looked upon to give quality, unbiased information, but, like Denkinger, sometimes only gets attention when the reports are controversial or unexpected.
    Hughes worries that if USDA is not able to provide the reports due to possible budget cuts, the information might instead only come from parties with vested interests in the outcomes. “What this does is leave the market ripe for all sorts of manipulations by those with the best independent information.” USDA's reports, he says, level the playing field for all manufacturers, regardless of the size. 

French pet food companies to merge in US$23.4 million investment deal

    French pet food manufacturer Continentale Nutrition confirmed that investment funds AgroInvest and India Invest will invest 19 million euros (US$23.4 million) to acquire a joint stake in the company, merging Villeneuve Petfood with Continentale Nutrition.
    Continentale Nutrition also announced that regional public property company Communauté d’Agglomération du Boulonnais will buy its logistics platform for 10 million euro (US$12.3 million). The merger of Continentale Nutrition and Villeneuve Petfood will mean the companies employ a total of 922 people. 

Del Monte reports 5.4 percent pet food segment sales increase

    Pet food manufacturer Del Monte Corp. reported a 5.4 percent increase in sales for its pet food segment, although the company's overall net sales dropped 1.7 percent in its fourth quarter of 2012 ended April 29.
    Del Monte's pet food segment's operating income increased 24.3 percent to US$92.2 million on net sales of US$490.4 million in fiscal 2012, up from an operating income of US$74.2 million on net sales of US$465.2 million during the fourth quarter of 2011. The company attributes the pet food sales increase to volume growth in new products and pricing actions, offset by volume declines in existing products.
    “Our fourth quarter results reflect solid performance from our new pet product launches and savings from productivity initiatives and we are optimistic about our business momentum,” said Dave West, Del Monte’s CEO. “Our recent innovation launches of Meow Mix Tender Centers, Meow Mix Paté Toppers and Nature’s Recipe Grain Free had strong distribution gains.”
    In fiscal 2012, Del Monte’s pet product segment posted net income of US$323.2 million on net sales of US$1.86 billion, compared with net income of US$377.7 million on net sales of US$1.78 billion in fiscal 2011. Del Monte posted an overall operating income of US$370.2 million on net sales of US$3.68 in fiscal 2012, compared with operating income of US$339.3 million on net sales of US$3.66 million in fiscal 2011.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

www.AdoptAShelter.com donates to animal shelters through online sales

     A new website, www.AdoptAShelter.com, allows visitors to shop online at select merchants and have their purchases earn a donation to the animal charity of their choice, in an effort to provide more funding to overwhelmed animal shelters across the US.
    The free website allows consumers to shop online at 475 different merchants, including petfood and treat manufacturers like Best Bully Sticks, Sojourner Farms and Wysong, as well as pet product retailers like Petco.com and PetSmart.com. Each purchase earns a donation to the animal charity of the shopper's choice. Since launching in August 2011, more than 700 animal charities from 48 states have registered with the site. 

Chef Michael's debuts Food Truck for Dogs

      Chef Michael's debuted its first Food Truck for Dogs in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
    Chef Michael's pet food brand has debuted its first Food Truck for Dogs in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, along with the launch of new dog food recipes.
    Dog owners can get involved by following @thefoodfordogs on Twitter or visiting the Facebook page to tell Chef Michael's where the Food Truck for Dogs should go next. Starting in mid-July, visitors to the Chef Michael's Facebook page can sign a "PAW-tition" to show their support for dog food trucks across the US.
    Along with the Food Truck for Dogs, Chef Michael's is offering a new line of Carvery Creations, made of real beef or chicken in tender, pull-apart shreds. The new line is available in three flavors: Beef Short Rib, Stewed Chicken and Braised Brisket.
    Pet owners can also enter the "Chef Michael's Food for Dogs Sweepstakes" for a chance to win a culinary adventure in New York City, compliments of Food Network Magazine and Chef Michael's. The winner's dog will receive a special prize package too, including a year's supply of Chef Michael's food for dogs. Information on how to enter the sweepstakes is available online.

Panelis cattery offers cat food palatability testing in North America

    Panelis, part of the Diana Pet Food division, is an independent team of trained animal technicians, behaviorists and statisticians that observe and measure the consumption and enjoyment of pet food by canine and feline expert panels. Its cat food palatability testing services are now available for customers in the US and Canada through the establishment of Panelis North America and its recently opened cattery in Hodges, South Carolina, USA.
    Panelis North America's cattery is located in Hodges, South Carolina, USA.

    Panelis North America provides information to help pet food manufacturers make strategic decisions related to palatability. At the North American cattery, the company has approximately 80 cats that are responsible for tasting a variety of cat foods. Panelis North America says it has future plans to include a second cattery and a kennel.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RECALL: PMI Nutrition recalls small animal, bird food

    PMI Nutrition International has initiated a voluntary recall of four varieties of the LabDiet and Mazuri animal feed products, due to the potential for an elevated vitamin D level in these products.
    Recalled products were manufactured at the Richmond, Indiana, USA, feed plant and were distributed throughout the US and to a few international customers. Recalled products, including formula number, item number, description and lot number include:
    • 5025 0001330 Guinea Pig Diet 50# APR17122
    • 56A6 0001452 Mazuri Small Bird Maintenance 25# APR15123
    • 5MA2 0040996 Mazuri Primate Maintenance Biscuit 25# APR22122
    • 5MD9 0011482 Mazuri Maned Wolf Diet 33# APR21122
    The recall was initiated after receiving customer complaints involving animal illness and small bird deaths. Customers who purchased the product will receive a full refund. For more information on the product recall, contact the company at +1.855.863.0421, x 224, from 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. EDT, Monday through Friday.

Clear Conscience Pet offers new organic dog treat line

    Clear Conscience Pet LLC has introduced a new line of dog treats designed to meet the needs of stomach-sensitive dogs, as well as appeal to picky pets.
    The new line, Cruncherz Gluten & Grain-Free Dog Bakery, consists of four baked dog treat recipes formulated to be gluten-free and grain-free. The treats are made with a buckwheat flour as the base ingredient, in four organic recipes: Peace Berry with organic blueberry and organic lavender, Ocean Dreams with organic kelp and organic chamomile, Ginger Yaps with organic ginger and organic parsley, and Pumpkin Patch with organic pumpkin and organic sage. 

    Fancy Feast cat food brand recently introduced its new Fancy Feast Mornings gourmet cat food line of breakfast-inspired morning meals for cats.
    The new Fancy Feast Mornings cat food line includes entrees made with poultry or seafood, vegetables and real egg, and are available in stores throughout the US.
    Specific varieties include:
    • Souffle With White Meat Chicken, Garden Veggies and Egg
    • Souffle With Turkey, Garden Veggies and Egg
    • Souffle With Wild Salmon, Garden Veggies and Egg
    • Medley With White Meat Chicken, Garden Veggies and Egg in Sauce
    • Medley With Trout, Garden Veggies and Egg in Sauce
    • Medley With Wild Salmon, Garden Veggies and Egg in Sauce

    Along with the launch of the new cat food line, Fancy Feast brand recently surveyed cat owners, looking into morning rituals of Americans and their cats. The survey found that more than 60 percent of cat-owner respondents said their cats were most eager to get their attention in the morning to eat; nearly 45 percent of cat owners said they feed their cats first thing in the morning; and more than 70 percent of cat owners said they are awakened in the morning by their cats or their alarm clock.
      Fancy Feast's new Mornings cat food line includes six varieties, available in US stores nationwide.
    To wake cat owners, Fancy Feast brand created a free mobile alarm clock iPhone application called "MorningPurr," which will be available in early July in the App Store. "MorningPurr" enables cat owners to record their cats' purrs as alarm wake-up sounds and personalize alarm screens with photos of their cats.

IAMS petfood brand names 16 'Play Young, Stay Young' contest winners

      Zico, age 12, is from Germantown, Maryland, USA.
    IAMS petfood brand recently selected 16 winning cats and dogs in its national “Play Young, Stay Young” Facebook contest, launched in celebration of the new IAMS Senior Plus formula for dogs and cats over age 11.
    The "Play Young, Stay Young" Facebook contest asked pet owners to submit a photo of their dog or cat over age 11 and explain, in 100 words or less, how their pet refuses to act his or her age. IAMS selected 16 winners, eight dogs and eight cats, based on a photo and essay demonstrating which pets best embodied “play young, stay young," and profiled a special cat and dog each week for eight weeks on its Facebook page in addition to giving each winning pet a year’s supply of IAMS Senior Plus petfood.
    “It was inspiring to read the many stories and see all the beautiful photos of cats and dogs, 11 and older, who simply refuse to act their age,” said Laura Lewis, external relations manager, IAMS. “What better way to help shine a spotlight on the importance of feeding pets proper nutrition based on their age, than a national contest where 16 amazing pets won a year’s supply of food?”
    Jimmy, age 11, is from Bloomer, Wisconsin, USA.

    The 16 “Play Young, Stay Young” winners, ranging in age from 11 through 16, are:
    •Jimmy (age 11) – Jimmy loves to jump in and out of his house, to the delight of his other pet companions.
    •Munchkin (age 11) – Believing that she is still a kitten, Munchkin loves to chase other felines many years her junior.
    •Maisy (age 12) – Losing her leg to cancer hasn’t stopped Maisy from participating in her favorite activities – chasing dogs and climbing trees!
    •Socks (age 12) – Socks has been praised by his veterinarian for having the vitals of a 2 year-old feline.
    •Teddy (age 12) – Described by his owner as “epitome of lively and active,” Teddy has shown no signs of age slowing him down.
    •Tituba (age 15) – This cat still has all the pep in her step to keep up with her active caretaker.
    •Munchkin (age 11) – Munchkin still believes that she is a kitten, even though she is going on 12 years!
    •Cortez (age 13) – Cortez acts years beyond her age and frequently goes for walks around the neighborhood with her owner!

    •Lucy (age 11) – Lucy is always available to hand out kisses and hugs and looks forward to her daily walks with her owner.
    •Buddie (age 12) –Buddie’s “pet brother,” a puppy, has a difficult time keeping up with this running and sliding aficionado.
    •Sophie (age 12) – Persistent and strong, Sophie is famous amongst the pups in the neighborhood for retrieving trees from the middle of community lakes and bringing them ashore.
    •Zico (age 12) – A retired therapy dog, Zico has provided his family with comfort during the most difficult times.
    •Abby (age 13) – “Fetch” is still this Labrador’s favorite game!
    •Bitty (age 13) – This feisty Chihuahua mix loves to play “tug o’ war” with the Dalmatian she shares her home with.
    •Phoofie (age 12) – This pup loves to play ball every day and continues to show the spring in her step!
    •Asher (age 15) – Asher loves to go for walks and is often mistaken for being years younger than she really is! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

FDA inspection at Diamond Pet Foods plant helps pet owner lawsuits

    A US Food and Drug Administration inspection at Diamond Pet Foods' production plant found numerous health violations after a series of earlier petfood recalls for Salmonella contamination, which one expert says will be used to help support lawsuits against the company.
    The inspection, conducted six days after the first of eight recalls by Diamond Pet Foods, found violations at the Gaston, South Carolina, USA, facility such as failure to clean and maintain equipment and a lack of contaminant screenings on raw ingredients.
    According to Benjamin England, founder of consulting firm FDAImports.com, the inspection's findings do not help Diamond, which is being sued in three separate cases by human victims and pet owners. England says that if Diamond's plant was in compliance with Food and Drug Administration rules, the company would appear less at-fault. Instead, England says the inspection's findings will be used against the pet food manufacturer as the lawsuits specifically cite the inspection report as evidence of negligence and breach of warranty. "It looks to me as though there's a relationship between the violations at the facility and the adverse situations the company is facing now," England said. "You can't predict when an outbreak or recall might happen, but you can eliminate a lot of risk through compliance."
    England says the administration's inspection report will be used as evidence to help plaintiffs win higher settlements, and may also be used to search for prior inspection reports for further evidence or noncompliance. England said he would be "shocked if Diamond didn't settle on all fronts."
    Pointing to the lawsuits against Diamond Pet Foods, England warns pet food manufacturers: "Don't make the mistake of thinking this happens to the other guy. It happens to whom it happens to, and it could be your company. One unfortunate event can bring the entire weight of the federal government to bear upon your door."

PetFlow.com ranked second-most talked about on Facebook

    PetFlow.com, an online petfood and supply retailer, has become one of the most talked about retail and consumer merchandise companies on Facebook. According to PageData, an independent research firm that tracks Facebook page metrics, the company ranks second to Walmart.
    PetFlow.com's founders, Alex Zhardanovsky and Joe Speiser, both former online advertising entrepreneurs, have successfully grown the company with a retail concept of understanding how to create a meaningful dialog with customers through Facebook and other social media channels. Currently, PetFlow.com reaches more than 8.4 million people via Facebook, of which, more than 600,000 are actively engaging with the company on a weekly basis, according to PageData. The company uses a strategy of building an audience of meaningful Facebook fans, publishing interactive content and turning fans into customers.
    "The onslaught of minute-by-minute media on our phones, desktops, tablets and every other device has made building awareness of one's business more difficult than ever," said Zhardanovsky. "Unlike many companies who blitz their fans with meaningless marketing messages through social media, PetFlow.com utilizes fun, educational content that cuts through the clutter and engages existing and potential customers. We're very proud to see that our approach has not only made PetFlow popular on Facebook, but helped the company create a following of extremely dedicated customers." 

Clear Conscience Pet competes for small business grant

    Privately held pet treat manufacturer Clear Conscience Pet has entered into the Mission: Small Business Grant competition, in which 12 American small businesses will be awarded seed money grants of US$250,000 to help the companies reach the next level in their industries.
    The company's co-founders, Anthony and Amanda Bennie, have pledged that if the company is awarded one of the grants, 10 percent of the net proceeds will be distributed to families facing the high costs of cancer care for a pet.
    “When our beloved Golden Retriever, Isis, was diagnosed with cancer last year, we personally learned how difficult it is for families to not only help their pet to fight the disease, but to manage the financial burden of treatment,” said Co-Founder Amanda Bennie. “So we have started the Clear Conscience Pet ISIS Foundation as the charitable giving arm of our company.”
    The Mission: Small Business Grant award winners will be selected by the number of votes each receives on Facebook.
    “We entered this competition knowing that the odds of winning are very difficult with so many excellent small companies vying for a small number of grants,” said Co-Founder Anthony Bennie. “But anything that can help us to support our mission of bringing healthier products and humane sustainable sourcing to the pet food industry is worth our best effort.”
    Votes for Clear Conscience Pet can be cast by:
    1- Visiting http://www.missionsmallbusiness.com
    2- Registering using a Facebook account login
    3- Entering "Clear Conscience Pet" in the search bar for business name
    4- Entering CONNECTICUT for state and WILTON for city
    5- Voting for "Clear Conscience Pet" and any other companies you would like to support

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pet food manufacturer Addiction upgrades New Zealand facilities

    Pet food manufacturer Addiction recently completed an expansion and upgrade of its petfood manufacturing facility in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, as well as began a new private-label division.
    The company says the petfood plant's capacity increased by more than thirtyfold, allowing the company to produce a wider variety of pet foods, including new private-label division pet foods. Addiction's private-label division produces dry petfood and treats for cats and dogs, and can customize the nutritional contents of the private-label products to customer specifications. 

Nutrish pet food brand hosts petfood package ticket contest

    Rachel Ray's Nutrish pet food brand is hosting a contest inside select packages of its just6 petfood formula for the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to New York, New York, USA.
    Purchase specially-marked petfood packages of Nutrish just6 and inside, six lucky winners will find a ticket. Ticketholders will win a paid trip to meet Rachel Ray in New York and experience some of her favorites. Winners will also receive a US$500 pet store shopping spree and a US$500 boarding credit for while they are in New York. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rescue Bank petfood distribution program ships 200th petfood truckload

    Rescue Bank, a nationwide US petfood distribution program for animal rescue groups, recently shipped its 200th truck, delivering 27,000 pounds of dog food, cat food and treats to Angel's Arms, an affiliate in Mobile, Alabama, USA.
    The pet food shipment allowed Angel's Arms to help local rescuers with several recent puppy mill and hoarder raids, recovering hundreds of pets in dire need of better care and nutrition.
    "I would like give a special thanks to Angel Arms Rescue for starting the food bank program in this region," said manager for the City of Prichard's Animal Resource Services, Andrew Stubbs. 

Evanger's calls for photo entries in pets calendar contest

    Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company, a natural pet food manufacturer, is looking for photo entries to its nationwide pets calendar contest.
    Each winning photo will be selected as a Cover Pet, special "Holiday Feature" Pet, and/or a "Pet of the Month." Calendar themes for 2013 are: dog and cat sport exhibitors, service dogs, rescued pets, most creative pet and active pet.
    Winners will receive a prize package of Evanger's petfood and treats and a free calendar. All entrants will receive a voucher for US$3.00 off any Evanger's dry pet food purchase and one free can with purchase, redeemable at any Evanger's retailer. More details on the contest and how to enter can be found on Evanger's website.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MOCON establishes permeation petfood testing laboratory network

    MOCON Inc. has established a global network of MOCON-certified permeation testing laboratories to provide independent material and package performance verification, regardless of location, for pet food products.
    Currently, the company has certified seven laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia, at which the company aims to offer affordable permeation testing services.
    “MOCON certification assures that companies using any one of these facilities will get the same level of service and quality they would find at any other MOCON-certified location anywhere in the world,” said Alan Shema, product manager for consulting and testing services, MOCON. “This is ideal for multinational companies which can now be assured that their materials or packages are tested using identical standards and protocols on three different continents.”
    In conjunction with the certified laboratory network the company is also introducing the MOCON Data Check 4 program which offers periodic permeation testing services for an annual flat rate.
    “This program offers a third-party quality control measure ideal for either small or large companies. The Data Check 4 provides a simple, affordable way for the material or package end user to verify supplier or internally-generated test data, as well as package performance parameters via an independent third party,” Shema said.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Interzoo draws visitors from 111 countries for new pet food, treats

    Interzoo, a global exhibition for pet supplies drew 36,792 trade visitors from 111 countries to Nuremberg, Germany, in May to exhibit and learn about the latest pet food and pet products.

    At Interzoo 2012, 79 percent of the exhibitors came from abroad with a total of 1,539 companies from 53 countries. The leading exhibiting countries besides Germany (321 companies) were China (293 companies), USA (136 companies), Italy (104 companies) and Great Britain (100 companies). While 62 percent of visitors came from abroad in 2010, that figure rose to 65 percent for 2012. The countries with the largest shares of visitors were Germany (12,705), Italy (1,967), France (1,225), Great Britain/Northern Ireland (1,106), the Russian Federation (1,103), the Netherlands (1,100), the Czech Republic (1,089), Spain (1,029) and Poland (884).

    Nine out of 10 exhibitors rated their participation in Interzoo 2012 extremely positively and the products on display met the expectations of 96 percent of visitors. Some 86 percent of the Interzoo exhibitors aimed to win new customers, 77.5 percent aimed to provide information about their products in general, and 68 percent aimed to provide information about their new products. Accordingly, half the exhibitors presented a new product at this year’s Interzoo and 37 percent had an improved product to show. Almost 95 percent of the exhibitors say they reached their most important target groups with their products and 95 percent of them also made new business connections.
    The visitor survey showed that the largest groups of visitors included self-employed businessmen and proprietors (53 percent), managing directors and divisional directors (20 percent), and departmental managers (10.7 percent), while almost all visitors (96 percent) are involved in procurement decisions in their company. More than three-quarters of the visitors were experts from the trade, with another 14 percent from manufacturers, and 7 percent from pet grooming salons and veterinarians.

    At the event, Petfood Industry editor-in-chief, Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, told attendees that the global market for pet food grew by 4 percent to nearly US$66 billion, forecasting 3.5 percent growth for dog and cat food sales by 2015. She said that consumers are demanding natural ingredients and no additives, and placing importance on careful processing and transparent labeling. “Consumers demand transparency – they want to know what’s in their pet’s food and how it is produced.”
    According to Phillips-Donaldson's presentation, more and more companies are using fresh meat in their pet food, with some products containing up to 70 per cent fresh meat, and the raw petfood trend catching on. “The growth of raw food in the USA will increase by 25 percent by 2015,” she said. 

Mexico Pet Expo to draw 120 exhibitors to Guadalajara in June

    Mexico Pet Expo & Conference 2012 will draw more than 120 exhibitors from the Americas, Europe and Asia to Guadalajara, Mexico, from June 27-29.
    Nearly 2,000 square meters of exhibit space at the Expo Guadalajara Convention Center will be covered with companies exhibiting the latest pet products and services, including new petfood and treats, small animal food, veterinarian instruments and more. Companies attending the event include Bayer, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Nestle Purina and Royal Canin, as well as Mexico’s largest companies such as Acuario Lomas, EQ Animal, Moon’s Aquarium and Pronua. The “Area de Emprendedores” will provide a platform for business growth with important contacts and leads for small manufacturers and entrepreneurs.
    Additionally, Mexico Pet Expo is co-locating and partnering with La Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Alimentos A.C., the organizer and host of the 2nd Mexican Forum on Pet Food dedicated to pet food manufacturers. At this booth, companies will display the latest petfood processing and packaging equipment.

Monday, July 2, 2012

RECALL: Pedigree recalls three canned dog foods for choking risk

    Mars Petcare has issued a voluntary recall for three varieties in its Pedigree brand weight management line of canned dog food due to a potential choking risk.
    Cans of the recalled dog food may contain small pieces of blue plastic, which broke off a conveyor belt during the production process. The company says the issue has since been resolved at the manufacturing facility by replacing a conveyor belt with a redesigned tracking mechanism.

    Products affected include PEDIGREE+ Healthy Weight premium ground entree in meaty juices, PEDIGREE Weight Management Beef & Liver dinner in meaty juices, and PEDIGREE Weight Management Chicken & Rice dinner in meaty juices. Each affected can has a lot code printed on the end that begins with 209, 210, 211 or 212, and a "Best Before" date between February 24, 2014, and March 23, 2014.

    Affected products were distributed to retail customers throughout the United States. No other PEDIGREE products are affected, including any other variety of wet food, dry dog food, or dog treats. Consumers who purchased the product may contact the company at +1.877.720.3335.