Friday, July 25, 2014

Rachael Ray 'Shelter Cats Are Beautiful' tour to promote adoption

    Daytime television host and author Rachael Ray and her petfood brand Nutrish have announced a nationwide tour to “make over” cats in various shelters with the hopes of increasing adoptions.
    In partnership with’s One Picture Saves A Life program, Rachael Ray Nutrish will take the “Shelter Cats are Beautiful” tour to 16 cities across the US and offer professional grooming and photography services to capture the full beauty and personality of cats in need of adoption. The program will also provide shelters with the necessary tips, tools and equipment to groom and capture best possible photographs of shelter pets in the future.
    The program helps celebrate the launch of Rachael Ray Nutrish‘s new line of natural food for cats, which is now available in stores nationwide. Proceeds from the sale of Rachael Ray Nutrish go to help animal support organizations—which has resulted in more than US$6.5 million in donations to date.
    Rachael Ray will kick off the national tour with an event in New York City on July 11. Then the “Shelter Cats are Beautiful” tour will continue throughout the summer, rolling through: Bentonville, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Antonio. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dave's Soda & Pet City owner to lobby in DC with National Retail Federation

    Dave Ratner, owner of Massachusetts-based Dave's Soda & Pet City, will join other members of the National Retail Federation (NRF) in Washington, D.C. for the association's annual Retail Advocates Summit on July 29–30, 2014.
    Ratner is on the board, and will be speaking to US senators and the House of Representatives about "Main Street Fairness," a proposal to require Internet retailers to charge sales tax. According to the NRF, passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act could lead to a US$563 billion increase in gross domestic product and 1.5 million new jobs by 2022 by stimulating the retail sector.
    Ratner also plans to talk about reforming the corporate income tax. He, like other NRF members in small business, said he wants the overall corporate tax rate lowered and the loopholes done away with.
    It's not a federal issue, but Ratner said he also plans to also talk minimum wage issues with the Massachusetts delegation. Massachusetts recently decided to raise the minimum wage gradually, to US$9 per hour in 2015, US$10 in 2016 and US$11 in 2017. The problem is if neighboring states don't follow with similar increases, said Ratner, a store in local East Longmeadow could be put at a disadvantage to a store in neighboring Enfield, Connecticut.
    Ratner is currently in the running to be named America's Retail Champion, a new program NRF created to recognize outstanding retail industry and small business advocates. The federation will name a champion during the summit.

Interzoo 2014 brings success to exhibitors, attendees

    From May 29 to June 1, 2014, 37,367 trade visitors from 128 countries gathered at Interzoo to source information on the latest petfood products, grooming aids and accessories for four-legged pets, birds, ornamental fish and terraria animals.
    “Almost all visitors (97%) described their participation as a success," said Herbert Bollhöfer, managing director of the Interzoo promoter Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH (WZF). "Nine out of ten exhibitors (92%) rated their participation extremely positively and praised the number and quality of the visitors."
    The international share of the exhibition increased from 2012: 82% of the exhibitors came from abroad. Altogether 1,698 companies (+10%) from 63 countries presented their products and services on a gross display area of 110,000 square meters. Besides Germany, the leading exhibiting nations were the People’s Republic of China, Italy, the US, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Poland and Spain.
    The visitors are also becoming increasingly international, according to show organizers: Whereas 65% of the trade visitors came from abroad in 2012, the 2014 figure rose to 69%. The countries with the largest shares of visitors were Germany with 11,643, Italy with 2,107, France with 1,316, Great Britain/Northern Ireland with 1,167, Spain with 1,163, Poland with 1,141, the Netherlands with 1,138 and the Russian Federation with 1,026 visitors. In total, 30,307 visitors came from Europe.
     Most of the specialists from outside Europe travelled from Asia (4,388), namely 3,336 from East Asia and 1,052 from the Middle East and Central Asia. In particular, the number of visitors from North America increased in 2014, namely to 1,006 admissions. 1,875 market players came from the whole of America. Africa was represented by 440 visitors at Interzoo, Australia and Oceania by 357.
    According to the show's visitor survey, almost all exhibition visitors (97%) were satisfied with the product spectrum at Interzoo 2014. Eighty-two percent of the experts said the exhibition had inspired them to use new products. The information and contact opportunities at the exhibition also lived up to the expectations of more than 97% of the visitors.
    Fifty-five percent of the visitors came to Interzoo with the aim of updating on new products, some 42% planned to cultivate business contacts and 37% were looking for new business contacts. Around 36% wanted to get a general overview of the market and 31% were interested in exchanging views and information, according to the survey.
    The next Interzoo will take place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, May 26–29, 2016.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mogiana Alimentos, Affinity Pet Care announce partnership

    Mogiana Alimentos and Spanish company Affinity Pet Care have joined together in a 50/50 partnership, according to the companies. The transaction included all petfood categories as well as the Campinas and Bastos plants. All brands of Mogiana Alimentos currently marketed in Brazil have been maintained. 
    Affinity, in its international expansion plan, was looking for petfood market opportunities in Brazil. Mogiana Alimentos' main competitive advantages that were decisive for this joint venture with Affinity were the full product portfolio and the company distribution capacity in Brazil. Mogiana Alimentos is a national company in the sector, which is fully professionalized and has empowered corporate governance practices.
    In the current organizational chart, Affinity is part of the Mogiana Alimentos board of directors. This joint venture has strengthened both companies, mainly to compete more vigorously in a market that is increasingly competitive. There are plans for the business expansion and growth in the petfood and pet care Brazilian marketsThose are they key factors that will bring several opportunities to the employees, consumers and business partners of Mogiana Alimentos, said the company.

International Pet Conference to highlight 'excellence in business'

    Top-notch speakers from the pet business are expected to come together at the International Pet Conference on October 7–8, 2014, in Berlin, Germany. The conference will highlight "excellence in business," according to show organizers.
    As in the past, the 2014 conference is being organized jointly by PET worldwide, the trade journal published by Germany-based Dähne Verlag, and Management Forum. The previous conference, which focused on current trends in the sector, attracted around 170 delegates.
    “Excellence in business. Looking for new approaches to success” has been chosen as the title of the conference. Key topics will include the future of the pet trade, multi-channel and cross-channel retailing concepts, better communication with consumers and brand strategies for the pet industry. The International Pet Conference aims to present numerous “best practice” models from the pet sector and also from other business sectors in which individual companies have succeeded in setting themselves apart from the competition with distinctive concepts.
    Speakers for the conference include Joe Watson (Petland), Torsten Toeller (Fressnapf), Mika Sutinen (Musti ja Mirri Group) and Gebhard Mang (Eheim). 
    One of the highlights of the 2014 conference will be the presentation of the PET Personality of the Year Award, which is intended to recognize a person who has helped to advance the international pet sector by their work and creativity. In the evening of the first conference day, the visitors will celebrate the 10th birthday of the “Heimtierkongress/International Pet Conference” in the Berlin TV Tower.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Italy petfood demand provides opportunity for US petfood manufacturers

    Roughly half of all Italian households have a dog or cat, according to the National Association of Manufacturers for Food and Care of Companion Animals (ASSALCO), and the increased importance of those pets to their families makes the petfood business in Italy a solid opportunity for US petfood manufacturers.
    In 2013, Italians spent €1.7 billion (US$2.3 billion) to feed their domestic animals, and imported €6 million (US$8.11 million) in petfood from the US. Dry dog food is the leading import, followed by wet cat food, according to country data. Demand for imported pet snacks and treats also exceeds local production.
    Italy is already the third-largest importer of petfood from the US, behind the UK and the Netherlands.

Buddy's Kitchen releases fresh prescription petfood diet

    Canada-based Buddy's Kitchen has created a fresh prescription petfood diet, FreshRx, which can only be found in veterinarians' offices in Ontario, Canada. 
    FreshRx is a fresh, frozen food for pets, and contains no meat meals, artificial preservatives, by-products, grain, corn, wheat, soy or gluten, according to the company. FreshRx is a low-carbohydrate, protein-based diet with recipes containing 70% fresh, Canadian, human-grade cuts of beef, chicken or salmon. Buddy's Kitchen gently cooks the meats while maintaining the integrity of nutrients within the meats. After the meats have cooled, the company adds legumes, fruits and vegetables that are locally sourced in Ontario, as well as a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics to ensure the needs of today’s modern dog are met.
    FreshRx is a balanced maintenance diet, but FreshRx can also be used as a supplement over a preferred kibble diet, to add nutrients, variety and increased palatability, says Buddy's Kitchen.
     FreshRx comes packaged into 4.5-oz nutrient dense patties that are frozen to preserve their natural freshness. The thaw and serve patties come individually wrapped, and are sold in bags of 12 patties.