Friday, October 31, 2014

Presto Products teams with Jack Link's Beef Jerky to enhance supply chain

    To enhance supply chain efficiency and sustainability for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, Presto Products Company enrolled the company in Presto’s Fresh-Lock Zipper Spool Recycle and Reuse program. Annually, Jack Link’s will support the reuse of 30,000 pounds of high impact polystyrene, reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain. This initiative is just one of several measures in which Presto has assisted Jack Link’s in advancing packaging operations, according to the company.
    Presto offers its Fresh-Lock Zipper Spool Recycle and Reuse program to help manufacturers enhance the sustainability of their supply chains. Since 2009, Presto has championed the reuse of 3 million pounds of high impact polystyrene across various product categories, diverting this material from landfills and reusing the spools in new shipments of Fresh-Lock Zippers.
    Jack Link’s participation in Presto’s Fresh-Lock Zipper Spool Recycle and Reuse program—coupled with the company’s state-of-the-art central warehouse distribution program to streamline efficiency, fuel and energy usage across its supply chain—have helped the meat snack manufacturer achieve a zero-landfill plant in Alpena, South Dakota.
    Made from Presto’s soft-seal resin, the most recent press-to-close (PTC) innovation rolled out by Jack Link’s since August 2014 features a blend of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). The material provides a high-melt index, giving operators more time to ensure the zipper adheres properly to film pouches and reducing the number of imperfect pouches that come down the line. By minimizing the number of imperfect pouches, the solution helps to decrease costly product waste and increase the efficiency and quality output of the facility.
    In addition to providing Jack Link’s with PTC closures that advance sustainability and efficiency, Presto also provides the company with technical service and support to speed delivery times, streamline processes and respond rapidly to urgent order requests, as well as proactive consultation for ‘big picture’ improvements to packaging operations.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fetch...For Pets! acquires Bistro Bites from Small Dog Wonders Bakery

    Fetch…for pets!, a manufacturer of pet products, has entered into an exclusive licence agreement with Small Dog Wonders Bakery LLC for its Bistro Bites dog treat.
    “We look forward to bringing this high-quality line to a wider audience,” said Steven Shweky, CEO at Fetch. Bistro Bites are treats made for small dogs. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes, and are gluten-, grain-, rice-, soy-, and preservative free, made with all-natural ingredients in the US.

Nestlé Purina Australia upgrades PetCare factory

    Nestlé Purina Australia has upgraded its PetCare factory in Blayney, and the $65 million in improvements will create 117 jobs in the area, according to reports.
    The new facility will produce 100,000 metric tons of wet petfood each year. The latest upgrades include the installation of top production equipment, a 5,400-square-meter warehouse and an upgrade to the research and development facility. According to Vice President of Operations Suleman Khan, the upgrades will help ensure future success. "It's important that manufacturing facilities remain competitive to ensure future investment within the region," he said.
    The company has invested nearly $100 million into the facility since 2011. Petfood produced there will be sold in pouches in Australia and exported to countries such as Japan, China and ASEAN markets. More than 80% of the raw materials used at the factory are sourced domestically, including meat, grains and packaging, with a focus on buying ingredients from within the local region.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

InVivo NSA to acquire Total Alimentos

    InVivo NSA, a subsidiary of InVivo Group and a French player in animal nutrition and health, has reached an agreement to acquire Brazil-based Total Alimentos. This operation confirms the InVivo NSA development strategy on the industry and allows it to get a key position on the Brazilian market, second market in petfood after the US at world level.
    The acquisition of Total Alimentos confirms the petfood global strategy of InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health and allows it to gain a key position in the Brazilian market, according to the company. The expanding group said it is eager to consolidate its position in the sector of petfood in the emerging markets of Latin America and Asia. Furthermore, in order to benefit from both the positive demographic trend and the fast growth of middle and upper classes in Latin America, InVivo NSA wants to accelerate its development in the animal proteins sector.
    “The acquisition of Total Alimentos creates a Latin American leader on the petfood market where our group already benefits from a key position in Mexico (3rd market player in the country)," said Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO of InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health. "It also gives us the opportunity to acquire petfood snacks and superpremium offers to be duplicated at world level and to strengthen our research ability in petfood. Beyond that, Total Alimentos’ positions in feed (dairy cattle, horse and aquaculture) will generate major synergies with our activities in Brazil and speed up our development on these three fast-growing markets.” 

Webinar to discuss high-meat recipes and single-screw extruders

    Current petfood product developments include high meat/grain-free recipes and related successes using the single-screw extruder to make commercial products.
    Register at to attend the webinar, “Processing Technologies in Petfood Manufacturing,” on November 10 at 10 a.m. Central to:
    • Discover new formulation synergies;
    • Leverage standard and existing production models;
    • Learn to maximize existing process architecture;
    • Secure the highest level of food safety utilizing systems already in place;
    • Enhance process efficiency;
    • Establish product protection validation; and
    • Identify gains in product value and challenges to managing yield.
    Petfood manufacturers, nutritionists, veterinarians, product formulators, QA/QC, and executives should attend this webinar, sponsored by Extru-Tech Inc. and 1 Solution Group and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


    Speakers for this webinar will be Greg Aldrich, PhD., and Will Henry.
    Aldrich is involved directly with formulation/nutrition technologies in the petfood market, and is recognized and respected in the industry for his work. Aldrich conducts research and aids companies with introduction of cutting-edge new products for pets. He actively participates in development of these high-meat extruded foods and will provide insight regarding some of the challenges and opportunities they present in an effort to produce safe and effective food solutions for the next generation of petfood.
    Henry addresses petfood manufacturers around the world regarding practical solutions for extrusion, processing, product development and food safety systems.  He will include technical process data regarding the trials completed on high-meat inclusion (with both typical grain-based and exotic no-grain recipes) and the single-screw technology used in the successful development of this new product category.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blue Buffalo addresses Wilbur-Ellis petfood ingredient issue

    Blue Buffalo has taken to its site to address an issue with Wilbur-Ellis petfood ingredients, after the Wilbur-Ellis' Texas processing plant mislabeled some ingredients.
    "Blue Buffalo has recently learned from Wilbur-Ellis, a major US company that supplies ingredients to us and many other well-known brands of petfoods, that a Texas petfood ingredient processing plant they own had mislabeled some of the ingredients they shipped to their customers," said Bill Bishop, founder and chairman of Blue Buffalo, in an open letter to customers. "So while their customers were ordering and paying for 100% chicken meal, at times they were receiving shipments that contained poultry by-product meal.
    "Since this Wilbur-Ellis plant was the source of some of our chicken meal, we may have received some of these mislabeled shipments, and there likely are numerous other petfood companies who also received these mislabeled ingredients," he said. "The FDA has been informed of this situation, and you may rest assured that this mislabeling poses no health, safety or nutrition issue. And while this is comforting, since the health and well-being of our dogs and cats comes before anything else, the fact that any Blue Buffalo food could include a mislabeled ingredient is totally unacceptable. As a result, we have stopped doing business with this plant."
    The mislabeling issue was apparently corrected months ago, but Blue Buffalo strives for transparency, said Bishop, and he felt customers deserved to know.

Pets Add Life launches Pies 4 Paws to benefit pet shelters

    Pets Add Life spokesperson, award-winning animal advocate and bestselling author Jill Rappaport, who is best-known as a correspondent on NBC, has launched the Pies 4 Paws challenge, inviting people across the US to take a pie in the face to raise funds and awareness for shelter and rescue pets.
    Participants are encouraged to take a pie in the face, donate to a rescue or shelter or adopt a pet, and nominate four other people to do the same. Other celebrities are taking part in the challenge, including Robert Redford who has pledged to donate and Meredith Vieira who took a pie in the face and in turn challenged Betty White, Matt Lauer and Howard and Beth Stern.
    “Take a pie, donate and adopt, it’s the perfect trifecta,” said Rappaport. “There are 8 million companion animals living in shelters and more needs to be done for them to find them forever homes. The first time I heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge, I thought, I have to do this for pets in need.”
    Rappaport’s Pies 4 Paws challenge was first launched with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and has since garnered participation from major national organizations including the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the American Humane Association, Pilots N Paws and the nationwide pet insurance provider, PetPlan. It is now spreading through shelters, rescues and pet lovers across the country, including the Southampton Animal Shelter, Pet Haven Rescue (Florida), Mainline Animal Recue (Pennsylvania), Connecticut Humane Society and the Humane Society of Utah.
    Pies 4 Paws encourages community based groups, schools and families to participate, joining Rappaport and many others to raise funds for animals in crisis. Take photos and upload them to social media with the hashtag #JillRappaportsPies4Paws and then make a donation to the shelter or rescue group of your choice. Then challenge your friends to do the same.