Thursday, July 25, 2013

FDA to issue new 'Salmonella in Food for Animals' Compliance Policy Guide

    On July 16 in its Federal Register, the US Food and Drug Administration will issue a new Compliance Policy Guide for Salmonella in Food for Animals
    The Compliance Policy Guide "provides guidance to FDA staff on Salmonella-contaminated food for animals."
    According to the guide, the final document is the conclusion of a process that begin in August 2010 when the draft (690.800) Salmonella in Animal Feed was issued. 
    This guide coincides with another notice issued by FDA of the withdrawal of CPG 690.700, Salmonella Contamination of Dry Dog Food. Additionally, the term "petfood" is now used throughout the guide and is defined as "food for pets and includes treats and chews for pets." Comments may be submitted at any time on the new guide. 

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