Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'Petfood Industry' launches Kindle Fire app

      A new app for the Kindle Fire provides mobile access to Petfood Industry issues, articles, news and products.
    A new app provides mobile access to Petfood Industry issues, articles, news and products for users of the Kindle Fire, joining apps for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones.
    Like the existing apps, the new Kindle Fire app allows users to explore Petfood Industry content via a library of monthly issues, and within each issue, in a navigator mode to peruse individual articles. The app also includes feeds for the latest news and products from and allows users to save and share articles.
    The Kindle Fire app is available in the Amazon Appstore. Users of Apple devices can find the Petfood Industry app in iTunes, while Android smartphone owners can find it in Google Play. To access the magazine on another mobile device, bookmark on your mobile web browser.

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