Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chinese pet owners import American-made pet food for safety

    Amid calls by American pet owners for the US Food and Drug Administration to recall chicken jerky treats from China, Chinese pet owners are importing "made in America" petfood in an effort to prevent their own pets from becoming sick by eating pet foods made in China.
    A number of US pet food companies currently export pet food to Hong Kong,  according to a recent article, which says that petfood manufacturers Innova, Solid Gold, Pinnacle, Canidae/Felidae, Nature’s Variety, Oma’s Pride, Wellness, Castor & Pollux Pet Works, Holistic Select and Best Breed all export to distributors in Hong Kong.
    "The more well-to-do pet owners in China want the best,” said a US dog food manufacturer in the article. “That means food that is made and sourced in the United States. We have just sent off our first shipment to Hong Kong because we have to keep up with our competitors. 
    “The purchasers don’t even want the ingredients translated to Mandarin, because it would appear suspicious to Chinese customers,” the pet food manufacturer said.

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