Thursday, January 31, 2013

Conference Session: Making Private Label Pet food

Originally presented at Petfood Forum 2010, Serge Boutet of Mondou Ltd., discusses how over the past decade, large pet retailers have developed their own pet food brands.

This one-hour session provides participants with information on how these retailer brands are unique, and their ability to compete nutritionally and economically with national brands. Boutet also covers new product concepts, feeding trials and other work to develop such a brand.

For $49.99, participants receive:
  • Unlimited online access (log on any time – 24 hours a day –to view the session)
  • Certificate of completion
  • About the Presenter
    Serge Boutet
    Born in Montreal, Canada, Serge Boutet, a McGill University graduate, is an agronomist expert in animal nutrition for Mondou Ltd. Through his 25 years career, including the last 20 in the pet food industry, he acquired his expertise through operations management, quality control, export, pet foods / animal feed formulation and sales as well as technical training / teaching.

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