Thursday, July 19, 2012

SPF opens pet food palatability product manufacturing plant in Canada

    SPF, a provider of pet food palatability enhancers, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Saint-Blaise, Quebec, Canada, to extend its production capabilities in North America.
    In 2011 the company acquired and upgraded a food processing plant in a location with good proximity to raw material suppliers and pet food manufacturers with easy access to the U.S. The SPF Canada facility is the company's fourth plant in North America.
    “As we expand our services into the Canadian market, we feel it is important to invest in local production in the Canadian market,” said Paul Violette, general manager for SPF Canada. “Being closer to our customers and suppliers allows us to deliver better products and services. With sales, production and QA dedicated to this market, we want to partner with petfood manufacturers to improve their brands."

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