Monday, July 23, 2012

Blue Buffalo Co. donates money to buy town police dog

    Blue Buffalo Co., a pet food manufacturer based in Wilton, Connecticut, USA, donated US$50,000 to the town that will allow its police department to get its first police dog, says a local report.
    The gift from Blue Buffalo will be used to purchase, train and continue a K-9 program. The gift will allow the program to run for three years, and Blue Buffalo will also provide the dog's pet food.
    Bill Bishop, founder and CEO of Blue Buffalo, said the company decided to make the gift after he spoke recently with Wilton police chief, Michael Lombardo, and a recent talk with his friend, former police commissioner, Mark Ketley. Bishop said it makes sense for Wilton to have a K-9 program just as other surrounding communities have police dogs to assist with searching for illegal drugs, missing persons or crowd control. “They really should have something,” Bishop said. “When Wilton (needed) one, they had to wait for other towns.”

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