Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'Business Day with Terry Bradshaw’ to include segment on pet food safety

The cable TV show "Business Day with Terry Bradshaw" will feature a segment on pet food safety in the June 18 episode. The pet food safety segment, sponsored by Extru-Tech Inc., will discuss reasons why pet food safety is so important and will cover measures being taken to ensure food safety, including the Food Safety and Modernization Act recently implemented by the US Food and Drug Administration.
Participants in the segment include Scott Krebs, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Extru-Tech; Greg Watt, chief executive of Watt Publishing Co., which publishes Petfood Industry magazine; and James Marsden, PhD, a food safety expert from Kansas State University.
In addition to addressing why he feels pet food safety is so important as a pet owner, Krebs will discuss the extrusion process being used by petfood manufacturers for safe food production. Watt will address the size of the pet food industry and its direct role in affecting the need for further pet food safety regulations. Marsden will cover the steps producers are taking to ensure pet food is manufactured and distributed in a safe manner.
The "Business Day" show featuring the pet food safety segment will first air on Saturday, June 18, at 4 p.m. EST.

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