Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pongo Fund petfood bank celebrates one year, 1M meals

Because sometimes, a simple bowl of kibble is the force that keeps a family together and saves the lives of the animals they love.
On November 14, the Pongo Fund petfood bank celebrated its one-year anniversary and distribute its 1 millionth meal.
The fund's volunteers distribute petfood directly to families with hungry pets throughout Oregon, USA, and southwest Washington, USA.
“The simple reality is that we make a real difference for very little money in the community,” said founder Larry Chusid. “It reportedly costs around US$750 per month to care for an animal that has been left at a shelter. Yet The Pongo Fund can feed and satisfy that same animal for as little as US$10 per month and the pet is able to remain with its family. It’s a win-win-woof for everyone."

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