Monday, October 18, 2010

Virtual Petfood Forum: Innovation is Four days away!

What innovations are happening in petfood that could help you continue to drive your business forward? Find out by signing up for Virtual Petfood Forum: Innovation on October 21. You can learn from experts, network with industry peers and leading suppliers from around the world—all for free and without leaving your office or home.

Think of Virtual Petfood Forum as an online event where petfood nutrition, safety and regulatory, production and packaging professionals along with veterinarians, nutritionists, technical consultants, sales professionals, C-level executives, business owners and buyers can engage in real-time interaction via chats, group chats, e-mails, Twitter or the exchange of electronic business cards.

Plus, this event will feature five industry experts sharing their knowledge on:
·         Innovation in nutrition and ingredients by Serge Boutet, agronomist and manager of petfoods and nutrition for Mondou Ltd. in Canada. Boutet has focused his career on developing unique petfood products, which in his mind starts with innovative ingredients. In fact, he says his suppliers often come to him first with their new ingredients.
·         Innovation in petfood packaging by Scott Whiteside, PhD, associate professor of the Department of Packaging Science and associate director of the Center for Flexible Packaging, both at Clemson University. Dr. Whiteside works with numerous companies on food and packaging issues. He believes some of the most innovative packaging in recent years has been happening in petfood, and he’ll share some of his favorite examples.
·         Innovation in marketing: exploring social and online media by Julie Lenzer Kirk, CEO and chief muse of Path Forward International, which works with businesses and entrepreneurs to help them improve, grow and succeed. Lenzer Kirk is a regular on Twitter and uses it, along with other social networking formats, to connect with her clients and help them market their companies and products.
·         Innovation in petfood processing by Mian Riaz, PhD, director of the Food Protein R&D Center at Texas A&M University. Dr. Riaz and his team hold several extrusion seminars each year, including one focused on petfood, and keep up-to-date on the latest advances in equipment, processes and techniques.
·         Innovation in petfood safety by James Marsden, PhD, Regent’s Distinguished Professor of Food Safety and Security and associate director of the Biosecurity Research Institute, both at Kansas State University. His research has focused on the safety of food products, particularly controlling dangerous bacteria and other contaminants in meat. He’s now applying his learning to petfood.

Registering for Virtual Petfood Forum: Innovation gets you access to these live presentations—including live Q&A with each speaker—plus the sponsor center and networking lounge. You can enter and leave the event throughout the day as your schedule allows—or, if you can’t participate at all on October 21, you can access an archive of the event for 90 days afterward. Visit

Register online!
Visit to register for free to Virtual Petfood Forum: Innovation on October 21. You can enter and leave the event as your schedule allows—or access an archive for 90 days afterward.

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