Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top phone apps for pet lovers

There are a number of apps (applications) that can be of benefit to people with pets, according to the Star Press.

*Touch to Give (Free -- Greater Good Network): Allows users to make a daily free donation to animal rescue, breast cancer research and hunger relief.

* Dogbook (Free -- Poolhouse Enterprises) A community of more than 2 million dog lovers on facebook.

*DogYears (Free -- Charles Treece) A fun app that lets owners calculate how old their best friend really is.

*Pet Safe ($2.99 -- Treviso Media Group in cooperation with ASPCA): Provides a searchable database including images of plants that can be toxic to pets.

* Off Leash (Free -- Eukanuba Pet Foods): Lists the five dog parks closest to your location (or any Zip code) and provides directions.

* Pet Notebook ($1.99 -- BarnacleJive Software): The ultimate organizer for your pet info. Stores photos, stats (breed, birthday, name, tag or microchip numbers, etc) and medical data (vaccination dates, medications and doses).

*Pets Info Lite (Free -- BHI Technologies): A slimmed-down but free organizer for all your pets photos, registration, license and medical data.

* (Free -- Phunware, Inc): A mobile version of the popular website allowing you to search for adoptable pets locally or nationwide from their database of more than 200,000 available pets.

*All Pets Radio (Free -- Quick Bridge Solutions): Your source for pages or online-streaming of info on pet care news and topics.

*Cat Piano ($0.99 -- Talusan): Supplies 14 notes in 10 varieties of cat voices to allow you to compose your own feline symphony.

*TouchPets (Free -- ngmoco, Inc.): A fun game for kids (or kid-like adults) wherein you visit a virtual animal shelter and adopt and raise a puppy of your choice. Although the game is free, when the food is gone, you're forced to pay to continue playing.

*iSqueek ($1.99 -- Harry Apps): Gives you a selection of virtual squeak toys, ... just don't let your pet chew on these!

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