Friday, February 19, 2010

(w)holistic petfood

Despite the fact that I am a petfood veteran I find it very difficult to understand what (w)holistic is.
I saw a few definitions of (w)holistic petfoods, but the conclusion for the layman can only be: “so this is a complete food!”
The Oxford Thesaurus (1990) doesn’t provide a synonym, whereas the Concise Oxford Dictionary provides two alternatives for (w)holism:
the theory that certain wholes are to be regarded as greater than the sum of their parts; this philisophical theory seems to be a bit far-fetched to sell a bag og dog or catfood!
However the 2nd alternative I found may provide a bit more grip:
the treating of the whole person including mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms of a disease. This clearly has a medical background!
To which extent this can and may apply to pet animals is not for me to judge, but the 2nd description certainly leads to some more questions:
- is (w)holistic related to the food and the nutrients?
- or is it a human lifestyle which is transplanted into our companion animals? ...Read the entire forum post on

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