Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FDA seizes ingredients from herb supplier

The American Mercantile Corporation was raided May 7 after FDA investigators discovered evidence of rodent and insect infestation throughout the company's warehouse in March, according to a statement from the FDA.
The FDA proceeded to seize $1.5 million worth of ingredients from the company after it failed to correct the contamination problems. The seized articles include food products such as sarsaparilla, spearmint leaves, cornstarch, sweet orange peels powder, licorice powder, sassafras, and salt, according to the statement.
American Mercantile is the parent company of
Herbs for Horses, according to a press release on the Herbs for Horses Web site, which is an herbal product company for the equine and pet market. The ownership affiliation between the company and American Mercantile may prompt questions about whether contaminated ingredients are in finished pet products.
The FDA said there are no reports of illness associated with consumption of the products containing American Mercantile-sourced ingredients.

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