Monday, May 11, 2015

The benefits of omega-3s in pet food

In the video below, Dr. Signe Svinland, director of pet care for AkerBiomarine, discusses the processing and use of omega-3s in dog food. She covers the company's technique of harvesting and processing krill from Antarctica's waters for bioavilable omega-3s, as well as the use of those omega-3s to create healthful pet food for dogs. She also explains the simple test used to determine omega-3 levels in dogs, and how that test can be used to the benefit of other areas of the pet food industry.
Dr. Svinland spoke at Petfood Forum 2015, presenting "How well do dogs use the omega-3s in their pet food?"
The staff of Petfood Industry will be publishing daily video reports from Petfood Forum. Watch for interviews with speakers, attendees and exhibitors. With the move to Kansas City, Petfood Forum 2015 is shaping up to be the largest, most exciting event in its history.

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