Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pets benefit human health, says survey

    A recent survey conducted by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute has found that there are human health benefits to owning a pet. The survey interviewed 1,000 family doctors and general practitioners.
    Ninety-five percent of those surveyed either own or have owned a pet, and 69% have worked in a facility that used pets to assist patient treatment or therapy. Ninety-seven percent said they believe there are health benefits to owning a pet. In addition:
    • 75% of those surveyed said they've seen a patient's overall health or a specific medical condition get moderately or significantly better after the patient adopted a pet.
    • 87% said they've seen a patient's mood or outlook improve as a result of owning a pet. 
    • 84% said they talk to patients about their pets.
    • 60% have recommended that a patient get a pet.
    • 82% said that if medical evidence supported it, they would prescribe a pet for a patient.
    The respondents reported hearing about the health benefits through several sources, including patient stories (64%), personal experience (59%), traditional news media (44%) and medical journals (38%). 

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