Thursday, April 14, 2011

See videos from Petfood Forum 2011 and Petfood Workshop: Safety First

Don't forget to bookmark this Petfood Forum video page, as it will be updated live from the event! Check back here for the latest information and knowledge from leading pet food industry experts in the fields of packaging, marketing, safety, nutrition, manufacturing and retailing.

Trouw's noble rescue cause 
Kim Emig, Lesley Burkett, Karen Cusik and Chuck Hayden, VP of companion animal division, talk about Trouw's charitable efforts with the Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue.

Petfood brand perceptions online  
Melissa Brookshire, director of North River Enterprises, discusses where consumers are getting their perceptions of petfood and how companies can take control of their brand.

Dr. Tim's take on petfood 
Dr. Timothy Hunt kicked off Petfood Forum this year by sharing his experiences and lessons from mushing in and serving as a veterinarian for the Iditarod.

Kemin celebrates 50th anniversary at Petfood Forum 
Bob Shamblin, senior sales manager for Kemin Nutrisurance, celebrate's his company's 50th anniversary by highlighting their line of palability enhancers.

Companion animal nutrition at Tyson 
Jerry Felts of Tyson gives us the scoop on companion animal nutrition.

Innovative packaging at CEI 
Robb Schaefer, executive VP of flexible packaging at CEI, explains the latest in pet food packaging innovations.

Poster presentation: Flavors for an enhanced feeding experience 
Doug Gledhill, senior scientist for AFB International, explains his innovative research on palatants that enhance the feeding experience for both the owner and pet.

Poster presentation: E-nose and E-tongue technology 
Bola Oladipupo, D. A., analytical chemistry manager and team lead for AFB International, explains her research of flavor development and quality using E-nose/E-tongue technology.

Sustainable DHA-Gold from Martek Biosciences 
Chris, Flynn and Todd tell us how their sustainable DHA-Gold pet food supplement is made and how it can benefit dog's health.

Petfood Forum vital for DSM 
Jeff Alex of DSM explains why Petfood Forum is a great place for petfood professionals to do business.

Protein quality in different sources 
Dr. Trevor Faber discusses methods to determine protein quality among different sources for petfood.

Glanbia introduces new feed ingredients 
Greg Griffin from Glanbia Nutritionals introduces new functional feed ingredients.

Next generation of packaging from Exopack 
Dave Long with Exopack discusses the next generation of their packaging line.

New 3-in-1 sealer from Fischbein 
Gordon Penman of Fischbein Company reviews their new 3-in-1 sealer.

Danisco has a new look 
Sarah Hines of Danisco unveils their new booth at Petfood Forum 2011.

Drying Technology reviews moisture controls 
Roger Douglas with Drying Technology, Inc. discusses moisture controls and new systems available.

Petfood Enterprise Technologies  
Sharon of Petfood Enterprise Technologies highights pet health and new technology.

Bemis showcases innovations in packaging 
Tom Bellmore and Katie Perez of Bemis Flexible Packaging talk about innovations in packaging.

Premium Ingrediens flavor trends 
Donnie Moran of Premium Ingredients International discusses flavor and palatability trends.

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